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Looking for the best Crossfit skipping rope to implement into your training regime? Need the lowdown on the best rope to help you achieve those double unders? Well look no further, you have come to the right place.

It’s all about the right speed

The main type of skipping rope used in Crossfit is the speed rope (speed being the keyword here). Normal skipping ropes are generally made of plastic, cotton, nylon or leather although with a speed rope, the actual cable inside is metal with a PVC sheath around it. Bearings at the end of the handles allow the flick of the wrist resulting in greater speed. Obviously with metal being a denser material, it is much quicker at whipping the rope around at a faster, which is essential when performing double unders.

So, what are the best speed ropes?

There are many speed ropes available to purchase nowadays but I have listed out some of the top and most popular ropes that well get you well under way to keep those double unders in repetition.

Rogue SFG speed rope

The Rogue SFG speed rope is a fully customisable rope that allows you to choose between 2mm or 3mm diameter cable. The handles are made from aluminum with a grip friendly anodized coating allowing for better comfort and to prevent the handles from slipping out of your hands. The cable is 310 cm in length which you can cut to meet your preferred length. Stainless steel bearings allows for greater speed to complete more revolutions at a quicker pace. The design of the Rogue SFG rope is quite appealing with the black handles and white logo of Rogue. This rope is currently being retailed from around €38.50 or $45.00.





Rogue SR-1 speed rope

The Rogue SR-1 speed rope is the current rope that I am using myself. The handles are 6.75 inches in length made of Rogue SR-1 speed ropea nylon resin that is very durable. The handle is designed with a spindle like feature that fits very well within the hand. Towards the end of the handles, there are high precision cartridge ball bearings that allows the rope the complete total revolutions at a much quicker rate. The cable itself is red coated and 120 inches in length that can also be cut to meet your specific height. This rope is currently being retailed at around €21.00 or $25.00.





RX Jump rope

The RX speed rope has a much bulkier appearance to the majority of the speed ropes on the market. The handles areRX Jump rope designed to represent that of a tennis racket, with a twist in the handle to ergonomically fit the hand of the athlete. Each handle has been wrapped in an absorbent tape grip to allow for better comfort and control. The cable comes in a number of sizes, although this rope cannot be cut to meet your requirements. So make sure when purchasing that you follow the size guide to get the best fit for you. The cable itself also comes in 8 different weights and diameters best suited to the beginner right through to the advanced. There is also a number of different colors available within this brand so you can choose the right one that looks best for you. This rope is being currently retailed at around £32.00 or $43.00.




Elite Surge 2.0

The Elite Surge 2.0 has been designed by a champion speed jumper, and specifically designed to improve the double Elite Surge 2.0 speed ropeunder. The handle is made from aluminum with a nice clear cut and coated handle to feel more comfortable in the hand. The cable itself is coated in nylon rather than PVC which offers greater durability and allows the cable to last a lot longer. It can also be cut to meet any height requirements of any individual. It has a dual ball bearing system, which distributes the axial load at the handles more efficiently which creates less friction so the rope spins quicker. This rope is being retailed at around £21.00 or $28.00.


Choosing your speed rope

As you can see the ropes suggested here will certainly improve those double unders and allow you to break your own records. When choosing your rope, I would suggest purchasing a rope that will ultimately perform in the main areas: Comfort and Speed. I have tried each of these ropes at the local box to myself but I personally use the Rogue SR-1 speed rope. I feel that with the spindle like feature of the handle and ball bearing system implemented, it is very easy to perform double unders effortlessly that will not tire out your hands or forearms. When I first purchased my rope, I followed the guidelines to measure myself against the rope to determine how much I needed to cut. I actually had to do this a few times to get the right fit as the rope was too long. Note when cutting your rope, start off with small cuts and work your way down to get the right fit for you.


Once you have chosen the right speed rope for you, it’s time to put into practice. Robby Blanchard, a trainer at Crossfit L1 provides a step by step program of how to turn any novice into a master of the double unders. His program is set out over 21 days and only requires workouts of 30-45 minutes a week to help you achieve those double unders fast. His system contains many tips and tricks that will give you that edge when performing your double unders repetitively.

Dominate your Double Unders

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He offers a 60 day money back guarantee, so if the program is not for you, simple, claim your refund and the money will be back in your account but in turn will have a guaranteed improvement on your double unders once and for all.



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