We’ve all been there…jumping back onto the bar and trying to perform the next rep with ripped calluses and torn up hands- this is definitely one of the most painful experiences during any WOD. Now as crossfitters, we understand that ripped hands comes with the territory but being honest there has been times when I would perform a set up butterfly pullups, jump off the bar, immediately feel the pain and tend to go slightly easier on my hands resulting in a poor performance. It wasn’t until I purchased a pair of hand grips that I really noticed a difference in my pullups in terms of how fast I could go, perform more and ultimately better quality reps at a quicker time. Here I will discuss a few of the best Crossfit hand grips.

JAW Pullup gripsJAW hand grips

The JAW grips can be purchased in either fabric or leather and come with 3 holes or 2 holes depending on your preference. The velcro strap allows the grips to be securely fastened to your wrist and to make sure that they don’t slip off during any WOD. Both grips are very durable and will provide the needed protection from wear and tear of the hand to allow you to continue performing sets comfortably.

When first purchased, the fabric grips come with no holes. You must cut the 2 holes yourself to the required size and comfortable feel for you.

The leather grips have 3 holes and come in either small, medium or large. You can follow the guidelines to the side to determine the right fit for you. With the make of the leather grips, they provide that extra thickness to ensure greater comfort and allow for a heavy-duty grip on the bar. Both the fabric and leather grips can be purchased through Amazon at a very reasonable price:

JAW fabric hand grips |£24.54- £29.99

JAW leather hand grips |£34.95

Hand Grip Sizing

Rogue V2 gripsRogue V2 Grips

The Rogue V2 grips are made of a textured leather with 2 holes that will provide an excellent grip on the bar. The 2 holes allow you to move between the bar, barbell, handstand push-ups or wall balls with ease as you can simply slide them off your fingers and let the grips rest on your wrist.

You can choose between small, medium or large that come in a gray color. The hook and loop strap allows you to fasten the grips around your wrist to ensure it is fitted to your size.

These grips can be purchased through Rogue Fitness for £23.73.



Bear Komplex Carbon Fiber gripsBear Komplex grips

The Bear Komplex Carbon Fiber grips is the company’s new set of grips they have introduced into the market. They are made from a patented carbon fiber design that comes in either 2 or 3 holes in an orange and black color. This new material they use is very effective in protecting your hands from the constant friction on the bar. It has the hook and loop strap, the same as the Rogue V2 grips which will provide optimal support.

Bear Komplex also has a set of grips that come in leather with a velcro strap that will give you that essential grip on the bar.

The leather grips can be purchased through Amazon for £34.95.

The carbon fiber grips can be purchased through Rogue Fitness for £41.09.

Get the best grip for you

All these Crossfit hand grips suggested are excellent in providing comfort, support, durability and a bear like grip on the bar when performing pullups, toes to bar, muscle ups or kettle bell swings.

When choosing your grips, it comes down to a few things: Comfort, protection, material and durability. I personally prefer the leather grips over the fabric or carbon fiber as it gives that added grip to the bar to allow you to perform rep after rep.

Some people prefer the 2 holes over having the 3 holes but I don’t believe this affects performance. Yes, the grips with 2 holes are easier to remove from your fingers when transferring from the bar and moving onto another movement but there isn’t much difference with the grips with 3 holes.

I also believe leather grips far outweigh fabric grips in durability. With the constant friction of jumping on and off the bar, the fabric grips start to fray after a few months whilst the leather grips will get worn down but will last a lot longer.

All the grips above will provide that additional support and comfort when performing sets on the pullup bar. They can all be used with chalk but once you get used to your own grips and get into the ‘swing of things’, chalk will become redundant to your ninja pullups.





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