Crossfit Workout Gear

Whether you are just beginning your Crossfit journey, competing in your first competition or being that superhuman 1% that have got to the Crossfit Games, it is essential that you have the correct Crossfit workout gear.

When starting out in Crossfit, your current gym shoes or trainers are perfectly okay to use but as you progress and envelope yourself into the community of Crossfit you may start to feel that a change in your workout gear may benefit your endurance, strength and mobility.



Crossfit clothing – Sweat in style!Crossfit gear

As you probably already know, a Crossfit WOD (workout of the day) can be intense. Although wearing the correct clothing can make it that bit more comfortable, and anything that helps is a plus…right?

  • Shorts / Leggings

Whether you prefer to wear shorts or leggings is really your own discretion, but always wear something that is comfortable to wear and that allows your skin to breathe. I usually wear shorts and in my opinion, the baggier the better. Choosing something with a light material such as polyester feels a lot better.

  • T-shirt / Vest

Wearing a comfortable t-shirt or vest is also essential, once again wear something that isn’t too tight or small on you. Nothing is worse than wearing a t-shirt that is a size smaller when under intense exercise….trust me! I like the the Under Armour range, its lightweight, breathable and reasonably priced.

Eventually once you’ve got the ‘Crossfit bug’…and you will, you may feel that you wish to showcase your new barbell techniques with a nice t-shirt or pair of shorts so Crossfit and Rogue is where you want to be, they provide clothing aimed at Crossfitters such as yourself. Hitting new PR’s whilst looking good at the same time is only a good thing surely?



Crossfit shoes / trainers – What to buy?

Like I said there is nothing wrong in using gym shoes or trainers that you already have although when you begin to lift heavier or push harder in each WOD, purchasing Crossfit shoes to add to your Crossfit workout gear is a necessity.

Now, there are a few Crossfit shoes that will certainly provide you with greater stability and support when pushing to your limits within a grueling workouts. These include:

  • Reebok Nano
  • Reebok Speed
  • Nike Metcon

Each of these shoes or trainers has its pro’s and con’s whether it be down to price or performance. I have personally tried and tested all 3 but feel that the Reebok Nano suits me best. It provides better support at the heel that will allow you to stay stable and controlled during any heavy workouts.


Speed Rope – Mastering the Double Under

Adding a speed rope to your Crossfit workout gear is also another necessity. When beginners have only started at their local Crossfit box, they will be able to use the speed ropes there, although these are generally made of plastic and don’t get the whip around of the rope fast enough especially when you are trying to nail those double unders.

The best ropes on the market today would be:

  • RX Jump rope
  • SR-1 Rogue bearing speed rope
  • Elite Surge 2.0
  • Rogue SFG speed rope

All of these jump ropes are an excellent choice when trying to perfect those double unders. I personally prefer the SR-1 Rogue bearing speed ropes as the handles feel very comfortable to hold and easy to flick the wrist to get the whip around of the rope.



Knee Sleeves

As you progress with your training within Crossfit and continue to lift heavier hitting new PR’s, you may find you want to invest in a pair of knee sleeves. These allow for total stabilization when lifting heavy, these will not only minimize injuries but also help you with your squats, cleans and jerks.

I feel that the best knee sleeves on the market today are the Rehband RX brand. These allow for compression on the knee to keep the joint in place and warm whilst performing heavy sets.



Hand Grips

When it comes to the gymnastics side of Crossfit, one of the main go-to’s is the pull up bar. As you have probably already seen, the different forms of pull ups are jumping, strict, kipping and butterfly. Once these are included within a WOD or in competition, anyone who has performed these one after another will tell you that their hands are on fire. This is why hand grips should be included within you Crossfit workout gear.

There are many hand grips available but I believe the best buys are:

  • JAW Pullups grips
  • Rogue V2 grips
  • Bear Complex grips

These will not only minimize the risk of tearing of calluses but will allow you to hold onto the bar longer and in return perform more comfortable reps.



Will I really see an improvement in my performance?Getting Crossfit ready

All the items discussed are there to show you what is available on the market for Crossfit enthusiasts. Like I said previously, there is nothing wrong in using day to day gym shoes or trainers or if you simply feel that these are not worth the investment. Although if you are serious about Crossfit and your training regime within it, I do highly advise on looking into these items that you can add to your Crossfit workout gear.

I guarantee that you will be able to lift heavier, perform more reps, achieve new accomplishments and hit new PR’s whilst reducing the risk of injury at the same time.

I will be reviewing each product individually as time goes on that will allow you to make the best decision so that you can progress yourself along your Crossfit journey.

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