Nike Metcon 3

Price: £114.95

Cheapest place to buy: Nike

Nike seemed to have gathered their best researchers and members of the Crossfit community to design one of the best shoes on the market, introducing the new Nike Metcon 3. It is one of the latest additions to the Nike brand and there has been a lot of research and time put in to perfecting this new shoe.

Design – Stylish Performance

If you have been a big follower of the Nike Metcon over the years or simply new to the scene, you will notice that Nike Metcon 3style is an important component to the brand. The Nike Metcon 3 continues the trend in releasing a collection of shoes that comes in different colors and designs. As a male I personally prefer the Glacier Grey/Binary Blue/Summit White/Sail color shoe as shown but the full range of colors for both male and female are amazing. The shoe has still kept the design and shape of the previous Metcon series but they have introduced an updated drop-in mid sole. This allows for greater flexibility and stability when performing any heavy sets. Nike have also recently released a platform for the shoe called ‘iD’. This gives crossfitters such as yourself the choice to personally customize your own shoe with a range of colors and icons….. So you can walk into your local box with the only pair of its kind!

Comfort – Cushioned for your training

With the updated drop-in mid sole, it provides greater comfort to the wearer in not only when lifting a heavy weight but also during running. The abrasion resistant film around the mid foot reduces heat and friction during any intense workout which enables you to still perform at max effort over a longer period. As with the previous Metcon series, the Nike Metcon 3 also has the lightweight flywire cables designed into it. This technology keeps the material strong and provides a support structure to the foot so you can lift heavy without having to worry about your foot or ankle moving. With the lightweight mesh material, there is better breathability throughout the shoe keeping you cool during your program.

Durability – Performing under Pressure

As seen, the Nike Metcon 3 still retains the same characteristics as the Metcon series, and for good reason….it works!

The firm rubber heel delivers effective traction that performs on the gym floor or outside on the road, it will give you the explosiveness needed in each step you take to train at your best ability. The TPU reinforcement is uniquely designed to optimize your effort during climbs, box jumps, sprints and general day to day abuse through each grueling workout.

With the low-profile heel clip and Flywire technology adapted into the shoe, it will give you a dependable platform and a lock down fit needed when lifting heavy and hitting new PR’s.

The shoe still maintains the textured rubber wraps up the mid foot that provides greater durability during rope exercises. So getting up those ropes will seem effortless.

Comparison to the Nike Metcon 2

As discussed, Nike like to keep the same features as its previous shoes simply because these features work…’don’t try to fix what’s not broken’.

The Nike Metcon 2 in comparing design is practically the same as the Metcon 3, although with the release of new amazing colors and the ability to design your own shoe as you see fit, gives it that edge over the Metcon 2.

With the updated drop-in mid sole, you will notice a more comfortable fit and a greater support to the foot and ankle and giving you that lock down fit to the floor.

The Nike Metcon 3 – is it for you?

The Nike Metcon 3 currently is being retailed at £114.95 through the Nike website. Now, I understand that this price for a pair of shoes can seem expensive although this is the cheapest going on the Internet currently.

Not only with this shoe, are you training with one of the best shoes available but it will guarantee to improve your performance in any area whether it is running or Olympic lifting and doing so whilst looking the part.

The research that has gone into this shoe has been specifically designed for Crossfitters and anyone training in high intensity workouts to make sure that the shoe delivers in areas such as comfort, stability, support and durability. This shoe is an investment to your training regime as it will keep you hitting new PR’s for years to come.




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