Reebok Crossfit Nano 7 weave review

Reebok Crossfit Nano 7 Weave

Price: £89.95

Cheapest place to buy: Reebok

Introducing 2017’s newest addition to the Reebok Crossfit brand. The Reebok Crossfit Nano 7.0 Weave and official shoes used in The Crossfit Games 2017.

Crossfit shoes do actually have ‘big shoes to fill’. They must get the balance right between being able to be flexible enough so that the crossfitter can transition easily between movements but also stable and supportive to help you with every heavy lift. I have been using these shoes now for the past 4 months and felt it was time for a review to fully inform your own decision when looking to purchase.

Reebok Crossfit Nano 7 Weave specs

  • Low cut design for quicker transistions
  • CMEVA moulded midsole and better cushioning in sockliner
  • NanoWeave material used in upper shoe for better breathable support and durability
  • High abrasion rubber sole with an updated pattern for better traction
  • External heel counter adds greater stability
  • Weight 8oz

Design – The weaveReebok Nano 7 Weave

One of the main differences you will see from the Nano 7 weave compared to the Nano 6 or even the original Nano 7 is the appearance and texture of it. The new ‘NanoWeave tech’ (what the scientists are calling it in the lab) is designed in such as way that it allows the shoe to be supportive, durable but with the weaved pattern, it allows for better airflow and breath ability. Crossfitters felt that with the previous Nano generations that they lacked the flexability needed for running or performing during longer WOD’s. Reebok designers responded to this and adapted the Weave technology into the new shoe to allow great transistions and to be able to withstand during running based WOD’s. As you can see, I went with Electric Flash. Not only is the name amazing but I think the color of the heel is really stands out well against the black and white weave pattern.

There are also a range of other colors available, it was a toss up between this or the ‘Solar Orange’ color which looks to have a resemblance of a tiger print on the sole of the shoe. But with the name alone of ‘Electric Flash’…I was sold!




Comfort – who said double unders were sore on your feet?

I must say when it comes to comfort, this shoe gets 10/10. Whether it is running, double unders, box jumps or burpees, this shoe will make sure that your feet will be taken care of. I feel with the adapted weaving, it allows for more room towards the front of the shoe compared to some other brands were the material is so stiff that it doesn’t allow for any leeway. With the updated NanoWeave in the upper part of the shoe, it allows for better ventilation. It keeps your feet cool and stops overheating so that any WOD can be that bit more comfortable.

The shoe is fully cushioned within from the mid sole and sock liner, naturally following the arch of the foot allowing for total comfort. These shoes feel comfotable straight out of the box, other crossfit shoes or OLY shoes usually take time to break in but these will provide optimal comfort the moment you put them on.

Support – Protecting against injuryReebok Crossfit 7 Weave

I understand that when it comes to heavy lifting, people may turn to the Reebok Lifters or the Adidas Powerlift. Although during a WOD which generally involves barbell cycling (Strength) and either double unders/ running or wall balls (Cardio), it is best to use a shoe that is capable of performing in both strength and cardio. This is where the Reebok Crossfit Nano 7 really comes into it own.

With the ‘TPU heel wrap’ it has increased the support towards the back of the shoe, allowing your foot to feel that locked in position, safely protecting the ankle. The drop in outsole of 4mms helps you feel closer to the ground so whenever heavy lifting is occurring, it makes sure that your heel planted flat on the floor and keep the ankle stable and supported from point A to point B. When running it may feel slightly rigid towards the ankle when you lift your foot but its nothing that will really have an impact on your training.





Pricing – How much will it sting the wallet?

The current pricing for the Reebok Nano 7 weave comes in at £89.95 through the Reebok website. This may seem slightly pricey for a pair of shoes, and trust me I thought exactly the same when I first purchased mine. Although I have been using these shoes almost every day since their launch, they are more than durable and will withstand when put under any pressure. I promise you that they certainly hold their value…and more!

Reebok are currently offering the shoes at one of the best prices and in a variety of colours, coming in at £89.95 with free delivery.

Would I recommend these?

Certainly! I have tried and tested previous versions of the Crossfit Nano brand and also the Nike Metcons but I just felt that the Nano 7 weave gave that extra support and comfort. These shoes are excellent during any powerlifting or weightlifting exercises but will provide total flexibility and comfort in WOD’s that require a lot of transitioning.  Not only are the shoes incredible looking but they are also an investment, I guarantee you that you will be massively impressed as to how much they will help your training.

It’s the shoe designed for the crossfitter!

Any questions or thoughts, please don’t hesitate to drop me a comment.





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