Reebok Crossfit Speed TR 2.0

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The Reebok Crossfit Speed TR 2.0 is the new streamlined 2nd generation Speed TR shoe designed by Reebok. The shoe has had a few adaptations from the original Speed TR with a 3mm drop, new Condura material, upgraded RopePro technology for rope climbs and new pattern for better traction when running.

ComfortReebok Crossfit Speed TR 2.0

When performing at high intensity, one thing that you need to make sure that you have is comfort. The Speed TR 2.0 still has the ultra soft EVA foam used in the mid sole for extra cushioning the same as the previous shoe. It has been designed to make sure that the crossfitter can transition easily between sets and movements in the most comfortable way possible. It’s lightweight coming in at 241 grams meaning running will feel less restricted and giving you an easier jump per step.

Even when lifting, the shoe still keeps the foot supported with the new Condura material used in the upper part of the shoe and will make sure the foot is completely wrapped tight so that there is no unnecessary movement when lifting heavy.


The Speed TR 2.0 has a very similar appearance to the Nano 7 and Nano 2, its almost like the 2 shoes crossbred and the Speed TR 2.0 was formed. The upper design can be seen evidently from both shoes with the diagonal structures of the hot melt overlay at the toe leading up to the laces. The heel is flat to the floor with a slight raise at the toe to give you that flow when running. The Reebok delta is shown at the side of the shoe and is very clean, cut and stands out well against the background color of the shoe chosen. The Reebok Crossfit logo is small and sits well at the heel.

One of the main changes to the new 2.0 shoe is the material used. Reebok have now chosen the new fabric Condura, this now replaces the monomesh used in the previous version.


With this new updated Condura material used, it has given the shoe more strength and will withstand greater wear and tear during any WOD compared to the monomesh used in the previous version.

With the adaptations made, it makes your running, lifting, rope climbing and hand stand push-ups even more effective and efficient. New traction patterns at the bottom of the will provide a better grip to the floor during sprints. The RopePro technology used will get you up that rope quicker but still hold its friction and structure time after time. The Kip Klip at the heel will keep your heel in place whilst performing hand stand push-ups and provide a much better job of sliding up the wall with the much larger rounded piece of TPU.

Value for money

With these new alternations of the Reebok Crossfit Speed TR 2.0, they have designed a shoe for not only speed training but will also keep you comforted and supported during any heavy lifts. The shoe design is very impressive looking and comes in a range of colors. This is a shoe that will continue to maintain structure and handle the effects of every grueling WOD thrown at it and will last you years to come, so I believe it will certainly hold its value for money allowing you to keep hitting those PR’s.


Year after year, the Crossfit community will have access to the newest and most technologically advanced shoe on the market but I do genuinely believe that the Reebok Crossfit Speed TR 2.0 will be a shoe that you will always have in your gym bag and a shoe that you will wear during either speed training or lifting heavy. I think the one word that best describes this shoe is transitioning. With the lightweight, new material and drop in sole, every WOD will just become that slight bit easier in improving your performance.

Follow the link below to purchase the Reebok Speed TR 2.0 through the Reebok website.

The Reebok Crossfit Speed TR 2.0




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